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Company Policies

Academic Appeals Procedure Aim Awards

Academic Appeals Procedure Ascentis

Academic Appeals Procedure HABC

Equal Opportunity's Policy

Grievance Procedure Switch 2017

Internal Quality Assurance

Learner Feedback Policy

Malpractice Misadministration Policy

Safer Recruitment Policy 2017

Sustainability Policy

Switch Access To Fair Assessment And Learning Policy 2017

Switch Breaks In Learning And Learner Attendance Policy

Switch Complaints Procedure 2017

Switch Data Protection Policy

Switch DBS Policy

Switch IT Usage Policy

Switch Lone Working Policy Complete

Switch Quality Assurance Policy

Switch Recruitment Policy

Switch RPL Policy 2017

Switch Safeguarding  And Prevent Policy 2017

Switch Student Complaints Procedure 2017

Switch Whistle Blowing Policy

Switch Equality And Diversity Policy

Switch Health And Safety Policy 2017

Volunteer Policy 2017

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