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Meet The Team

Before starting Switch I spent many years working in retail and customer care.  My decision to go into the training industry came about after going back to college to retrain in IT and somehow ending up staying and retraining as a teacher.   I initially started in the training industry as a sole trader delivering basic IT sessions to people from their homes.  8 years later I along with the rest of the team have build up SWITCH to offer a range of services and training opportunities aimed at giving Cornwall the best training experience possible.

As a tutor I specialise in IT and Business start-up but have experience in a wide range of subject areas.

Gavin Bolton | Managing Director

I have 15 years experience working in the leisure industry in local government, where I specialised in teaching swimming to all age groups. During that time I qualified as a first aid trainer. When I left the local council I worked as a full- time first aid and moving and handling trainer for the British Red Cross. I then moved into the education sector where over 20 years I have worked at several Cornish colleges developing courses and specialised in several areas such as seizure management. I now have a broad range of topics that I teach and I am looking forward to working more with Gavin at Switch Community Ltd to expand our portfolios of courses.

Kate Woolven |Tutor (CIEH and other legislative courses)

I served in the Royal Navy for 22 years as a Petty Officer, during which I travelled all over the world.

My trade background is Survival/Safety training and maintenance. A large part of the job involved training aircrew and military personal in the use of life saving equipment. In 2008, I moved to Portsmouth to become The Sea Survival Instructor at the RN Survival Equipment School.

This task involved teaching both military and civilian personnel worldwide.

Since leaving the RN I have turned to teaching where I focus on Health & Safety and First Aid amongst other industry related courses.

Amongst other qualifications qualifying me to teach in the areas I do, I hold both the NEBOSH certificates in Environmental and in General Health & Safety.

Nigel Row |  Tutor (CIEH and other legislative courses)

Hello, I’m Kathy and I have been working with SWITCH Community Ltd. since August 2015.  I have spent 5 years working in the hospitality industry and 17 in the IT sector as a trainer, programmer and technical support officer. 
I have a degree in Web Development and Music Technology and after realising that my real passion lay in teaching, decided on a career change and gained my level 4 Certificate in Education and Training.  In my spare time I enjoy DJing and music production and attempting to surf

Katherine Waters |Admin Tutor

I did my degree in youth and community studies at reading university then went on to qualify as a teacher for adults and as a Microsoft certified application specialist. I worked for 7 years at one of Cornwall’s top Colleges provided extra support for students. I specialise in teaching people to use computers and office software. I also cover computer security and using mobile devices, using the cloud and other areas associated with computer and internet use as well as dyslexia support through technology

Chris Leest | IT Tutor

Hello I’m Marc Wilcox and I am a Tutor here at SWITCH.  Throughout my life I have taken on many roles such as IT Technician, Supervisor, Manager and other similar roles that involved Helping or guiding people towards their goals.  I have studied Computer Science in Portsmouth which helped me establish my love for coding & problem solving; and have now more recently attained my teaching qualification.  This qualification has so far allowed me to help people in the community and to gain the experience to help people get the best from themselves.  That is why I am here now working with SWITCH.

Marc Wilcox | Tutor

My first career was as an architectural technician and CAD manager in the building industry. I retrained as a tutor and have spent many years working with a diverse range of individuals within a college environment.

Although I am now retired, I still enjoy teaching, even after nearly 20 years practice. Meeting new people and helping them learn is very rewarding.  As a tutor with Switch Community I specialise in IT qualifications but I also deliver training in other areas to suit the needs of the students

Everyone is different, and my job is to find a way to get the best out of each person. I try to be innovative and creative, encouraging learners to achieve and develop to their full potential.

I find that I am still learning and developing my skills while keeping up to date with the latest developments in teaching. I like the challenge of preparing new courses and using my ability to enable learners to get recognised qualifications and find worthwhile employment.

In my spare time I like to engage in many activities including producing my own works of art.

Terry Hedge | Tutor I.T (other)

I have 8 years’ experience in IT both in teaching and IT maintenance/tech support and specialise in a range of work based learning, including apprenticeships. I have recently joined SWITCH as a contracted tutor whilst working with other organisations.  I like to always be busy and am constantly looking for new challenges.  

I really enjoy gaming and being outdoors which you don’t normally associate with each other.  I consider myself to be a bit of a nerd and enjoy lots of weird and wonderful pursuits all in the name of fun.

Hannah Brewis | I.T Tutor